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News, Notes and Thoughts Leading Up to the Rangers

  • If we can take one positive from last night's loss to the Flyers it's that Evgeni Malkin is back and ready to play.  Throughout the entire time while he was injured, this is what we were hoping for - for him to take his time, heal up and come back ready to play.  It looks like he's back on track to continue that effort tonight against the Rangers.
  • Don't forget: tonight at 10:00 following the game against the Rangers is the HBO debut of "24/7 Pens-Caps: Road to the Winter Classic."  I've tacked a sticky note to my TV just in case, and even then I'm concerned I might forget.  In the event you miss it or just can't find the time to watch it tonight, the Pens have provided a list of all the days and times it will re-air.
  • Chris Kunitz is still unlikely to play in this one.  No word on the exact injury but Dan Bylsma doesn't seem confident in Kunitz taking to the ice.
  • Chris Drury, who suffered a broken finger in October, is expected back in the lineup for the Rangers tonight.
  • The Rangers have not played since smoking the Capitals 7-0 on Sunday night.  I'm sure their confidence will be high, but there's no saying the Pens can't bring them back to reality - and start a new win streak in the process.