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Evgeni Malkin's Flip Commercial

The people at Flip/CISCO were kind enough to send along a free HD Flip cam earlier this month after they announced a partnership with the NHL in which fans can now customize the backs of the cams with NHL team logos.  I opted for the NHL logo version over the Penguins version, if only because I figured if I was at some point talking to players on another team, they probably wouldn't be so comfortable talking to someone who was jamming a Pens logo in their face (although the mental image is pretty hilarious).

Initially my plan was to put the camera to work right away at the earliest game I could get to.  Unfortunately, that game just happened to be the Wilkes-Barre/Albany game that was canceled down in Atlantic City, New Jersey due to horrid ice conditions.

While I don't doubt I will have video up on the site before the end of the season, I figured this was as good a time as any to at least make sure the Pensburgh masses have seen the Evgeni Malkin Flip commercial.  Back in the day when we were regularly updating the Malkin Learns English Collection, this would've been a top pick (behind my personal favorite, "everybody shoot, shoot everybody.") 

After the jump, Malkin's Flip cameo. 

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