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News, Notes and Thoughts Leading Up to the Coyotes

  • Last season Five for Howling's Travis Hair was constantly reminded of his team's financial troubles and attendance issues.  After about the third or fourth month I really started to feel for the guy, and from a fan of a team that went through the same sort of situation about a decade ago, I could totally relate.  Luckily for Travis those talks can now finally cease, as the city of Glendale approved a lease that guarantees Coyotes hockey for 23 more years.  One of the stipulations in that lease it to change the team name from Phoenix Coyotes to Arizona Coyotes.
  • Pittsburgh is the fourth stop in Phoenix's current six-game road trip and the final team meeting against the Atlantic.  The Coyotes are 1-1-1 over the last three road games, coming off a shootout win in Long Island Saturday night after falling to the Rangers in a shootout late last week. 
  • Phoenix is currently last in the Pacific Division and hovering right around the number eight seed in the Western Conference.
  • The Penguins are looking to avoid a three-game losing streak since Philly broke the team's 12-game win streak last Tuesday.
  • Sid's aiming to extend his point streak to 21 games and currently holds an eight-point lead over second-place Steve Stamkos with a total of 54 points.
  • Only 11 days left in the year and we're just short of our goal of 500 Facebook likes.  If you haven't done so already, do it up.  If so, then thanks - and be sure to pass it on.