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News, Notes and Thoughts Leading Up to the Capitals

  • A reader sent in this nugget from the Washington Post that highlights Caps fans chanting "We Want Pittsburgh."  Hopefully by the end of tonight's game they'll be chanting "We've changed our minds..."
  • If you're not familiar with Japers' Rink by now, familiarize yourself.  We'll be seeing a lot of stuff popping up over the next week or so as we lead up to the Winter Classic and I'm sure a number of readers will cross paths.  Plus, it's always nice to see the other side of things, even if the collective tends to root for those guys.
  • The Capitals' nasty eight-game losing streak that was documented oh so well in the first episode of 24/7 looks to be a thing of the past, as the Caps have now strung together two straight.  But when you look at the competition: Ottawa (11th in the East) and New Jersey (15th in the East), it's safe to say tonight's game will be the true measuring stick of Washington's potential turnaround.
  • Alex Ovechkin isn't fairing too well on the power play.
  • A few by the numbers: Sid has 19 more points than Ovechkin and 16 more goals.  Ovie also has not scored a goal in seven straight games and has just seven points in the month of December (Sid has 17 - and has played two less games since the first of the month).  The Capitals penalty kill and power play is ranked 10th overall, respectively (Pens are first on PK, 14th on PP).