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Jordan Staal Skating Again

Nothing overly informative to report in terms of Jordan Staal's progress since he broke his hand in practice on November 1st, but it is an encouraging sign to see that he is back in practice and skating around again.  According to the Tribune-Review:

Staal, who hasn't played all season because of a foot infection sustained over the summer and the broken hand, isn't sure when he'll play this season. "I feel really good," Staal said. "I can tell you that much. I'm not really sure what the deal is. I want to go slow with the way things are going."

Sam Kasan is following the practice as usual today at Southpointe and even has a pic of Staal scattered in there as well.

Interestingly enough, Staal isn't ruling out a potential return in the Winter Classic, but part of me thinks that is just wishful thinking.  If he's not 100 perfect now, where does he expect to be in four days?  I don't see it happening personally, but if there is one player in the league that makes you doubt even the most definitive judgment it's Jordan.  In other words, keep a small window open.

Speaking of the Winter Classic,  tickets are going for as much as $465, according to the PG. 

Sorry, but that's just crazy for a regular-season novelty game.