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Pensburgh Turns Three Today

Three years ago today Pensburgh launched on the SBNation Network, ironically enough four days before the last Penguins Winter Classic. 

When I first came on board it was one of (I think) seven active hockey blogs.  Since then, the NHL collection of blogs has filled out to include the entire league, in addition to general hockey sites like From the Rink and Behind the Net, fantasy hockey sites like Fantasy Hockey Scouts and college hockey sites like Western College Hockey.  Not to mention they've even branched out to the international scene with Puck Worlds.

What started as a solo project on Blogspot before migrating to SBN has since turned into a group of writers who ultimately became friends through the common interest of hockey.  JDunman was the first to start posting fanposts of fights back on Pensburgh 1.0.  Hooks Orpik came on board during the 2008 season, as did JustinM and Lavender.  In this past season alone we've expanded to include GoPens!, TonyAndrock and Tehchico.

It's been a fun three years, made all the more enjoyable by every single reader who comes across the site.  That alone gives me reason to keep things going here on the site.

For nostalgia purposes, here's the first post ever on Pensburgh when it was on Blogspot, dated back to August 21, 2007.

And, here's the first in the transition to SBN.

Thanks for everything, and here's to another strong year in 2011.