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Tales of the Tape: Tyler Kennedy vs. Matt Martin

The Islanders variety of New York team is not the one I assume I'll see fighting when playing the Pens. Rangers? Sure. But the Islanders? They hadn't had a fight since December. Ah, leave it to Tyler Kennedy.

A collision with Matt Martin led to the gloves flying, but that's almost all the offense Kennedy got in this exchange. As Martin got shots in, Kennedy appeared to get his arm stuck in his sleeve (how often does that happen?). Kennedy got his arm out of his jersey only to be put into a headlock, which removed his helmet. Martin began hesitating, holding off Kennedy's potential offense until taking a shot which seemed to brush Kennedy's face. It actually looked more like a miss, but Kennedy became noticeably staggered at this point, allowing Martin to take a power swing and follow the momentum down to the ice. As Kennedy went down, he got one last shot in. You have to give him that - he's a scrapper.

Unfortunately, it's a loss for Mr. Kennedy, but he did skate to the box with a smirk on his face and devoid of his jersey. Down, ladies.

Next up are the Rangers, and who doesn't want to see Sean Avery gets his face pounded into the ice?