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Filed under: Your home for Olympic hockey coverage (and more)

As you already know by now, the Olympics are in full swing.  Depending on your preference in sport, you may or may not be interested in anything outside of hockey.  Personally I like to vary it up a bit because, well, how often do you see bobsledding and luge?

But if it`s Olympic hockey you want, then SBN has it.

The all new launched earlier in the year and offers up a healthy variety of things to choose from.  You can comment on any of the posts with your Pensburgh username.  All you have to do is click the "join" link at the bottom of a fresh post.

On the NHL page, the editors and staffers have been knocking out some great stuff since even before the games.

Here are a few recent posts:

There is even a fresh, new Olympics page up and running that shows a complete list of countries and medals, allows your to search by sport and opens up a few different comment threads for whatever events are going down on any given day.

So check it out.  Get yourself familiar with the ins and outs and keep checking back here on Pensburgh to see updates on the Pens, Olympic hockey and how each of the guys is doing for his country.