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Pittsburgh Penguins 2010 Winter Olympics statistics

[Update 2-28-10]

This version is updated with Friday's stats (hint: it only has updated shots on goal for Sid and Orpik).  I'll make sure to toss up a final version sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Also, I know we've been kinda heading toward for the game threads during the Olympics, but for this one we're going to have a thread right here on the site.  So if you're around and want to chat it up, feel free to stop by and do so.

Updated stats after the jump.

[Update 2-25-10]

By now you already know about Russia's demoralizing loss to Canada (and if not, Hooks has you covered) and their now deflated hopes of achieving a gold medal in the 2010 Games.  You should be rooting for a US-Canada rematch, but that all depends on what country you're reading from and where your loyalty lies.  Sunday night is the gold medal game and we'll know by sometime tomorrow night just who exactly will be partaking in the festivities.

Until then, here are the updated stats, as of the conclusion of last night's games.  I'm amazed by two things this time around: 1) Malkin has gone four games without taking a penalty.  Hopefully he can remember what this feels like and bring it back to Pittsburgh next week and 2) Brooks Orpik now, officially, has more shots on goal than Marc-Andre Fleury.


[Update 2-24-10]

Well to absolutely no one's surprise at all, Team Canada destroyed Germany last night by the final score of 8-2.  Roberto Luongo still has some work to do if he's going to win over the hearts of the Canadian faithful, but for the time being I'm sure it's at least reassuring in a way to see the scorers find the back of the net a few times.  Never mind the fact they beat a team that will leave the Olympics without a win...

At any rate, Sid picked up a goal, bringing his Olympic total to 3g and 3a over four games.  Tonight at 7:30, Sid and Geno will face off on opposite sides of the puck for the first time outside of any scrimmage or practice.  Should be a good one.  Of course, if work allows, you'll want to preface Team Canada's game with the US 3:00 start against Switzerland.  USA's next opponent will be the winner of Czech Republic-Finland, so there's still a chance Team USA fans will see Jagr in action against them.  The winner of Russia-Canada will play the winner of Sweden-Slovakia.


[Update: 2-22-10]

After the latest round of action, Evgeni Malkin takes the jump and ties Sidney Crosby for most points by a Penguin in the Olympics (so far) with five.  Sergei Gonchar has yet to register a point but is still putting some shots on net.  Another thing I noticed that got to me a bit - Malkin is staying out of the box during the Olympics.  If this were regular season action I almost feel like he'd have six or eight PIM by now.  Nope, not a single minor during The Games and he's leading the Pens Olympians in shots as well. 

Orpik remains tied with Fleury for points, although he's no doubt seen far more ice time.  All kidding aside, Brooks is doing the job expected of him on Team USA.  No one thought he'd step in and start netting a point per game.


[Update: 2-19-10]

As promised, here is a list of the updated stats for all the Pens playing in these Olympics.  Hooks dished up a pretty concise rundown of the Russian and Canadian games earlier this morning and, in case you missed it from yesterday evening, here is a quick recap of the US/Norway game.


[Original post]

Whenever Hooks or I see a good idea on another blog, we do the only logical thing and simply steal it and claim it as our own (but hey, we occasionally give credit).  Today, thanks to a friendly suggestion from Fear the Fin's Mr. Plank, I don't have to feel a twinge of guilt for swiping the premise of an Olympic stats post.

I'll do my best to keep this updated throughout the Olympics and keep refreshing it to the top of the page after any day of competition.


Pittsburgh Penguins Leaderboard: Skaters

CTY GP Goals Assists
Points +/- SOG PIM
Sidney Crosby
CAN 6 3 3 6 +1 24 4
Evgeni Malkin
RUS 4 3 3 6 +0 17 0
Sergei Gonchar
RUS 4 1 0 1 +1 9 2
Brooks Orpik
USA 5 0 0 0 +3 2 0
- 19 7 6 13 +5 52 6

Pittsburgh Penguins Leaderboard: Goaltenders

Marc-Andre Fleury
CAN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0