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All Olympic Penguins in action today

Russia, Canada and USA all have games on tap today, so if you want to catch up on how the Pens are doing now's a good time to do it.  Marc-Andre Fleury likely won't be playing, but for the sake of this post, his team is at least in action.

Team USA goes up against Norway at 3:00 EST.  The list Hooks tossed up earlier this week has this one broadcasting on USA, although as we've seen with past Olympic events the channels are subject to change.  I'm sure this one will at least go as planned.  Fingers crossed.

At 7:30 EST we have Canada taking on Switzerland, this one airing on CNBC.  Keep MSNBC in check as well in case you don't see this one airing on CNBC as planned.

And finally at midnight on CNBC, Russia vs. Slovakia. 

We'll have a few updates throughout the day along with some updated stats tomorrow morning/afternoon.  So keep checking back.