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The tin foil hat thread: Home to your rumors, speculations and theories

Pensburgh's residential techy

When the comments after a game start to focus around trading, demoting or buying out players, you know it's time for a tin foil hat thread. 

Many have suggested, myself included, that Martin Skoula's ice time may be hitting triple zeros soon enough.  It seems like every time the other team is scoring a goal we're all looking to see if #41 is out there for the Pens.  Skoula is a -5 over the last three games for the Pens and hasn't added a point since November 30.

But that's just one of the areas of concern it would seem when it comes to rumors, speculations and theories.  So use this as a giant forum of sorts for all that you're seeing, hearing or projecting as the Pens edge closer to the trade deadline. 

If you can, include a link.  Otherwise, I'd advise no one place any weight in some of the comments.  Even then, as we've seen from various sites over the years, a link is only worth so much in the integrity department. 

In other words, chat it up and run with it.