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Ryan Miller stops 42 shots, Team USA drops Canada 5-3

What a game.  What an unreal, intense, hard-hitting, fast-paced, edge of your seat, hold-your-breath, sweat-stain inducing game.

What.  A.  Game.

Brian Rafalski picked up two goals for the second game in a row, coming just one skate deflection away from a hat trick.  No matter.  Once again he came up huge for Team USA as he, Ryan Miller and company dropped Martin Brodeur and Team Canada 5-3. 

Ryan Miller had a phenomenal game in net.  Canada peppered him with shots through the night, 18-11-13 over three periods, but he did everything in his power to keep them out.  Sprawling, flopping, diving - it didn't matter.  It became pretty obvious after that first period that Miller was in the zone.  Ultimately it would just come down to whether or not the offense would be able to provide some assistance as well.

Sidney Crosby started the game off in a tough spot.  Less than a minute in, the US entered Canada's zone and started to set up shop.  Brian Rafalski had a good look at the net and let a shot go.  It was low, and likely set up for a rebound of sorts, only this time instead of a US player deflecting it in Crosby inadvertently got a piece of it and deflected it past Brodeur.  Tough break and not the way Canada had hoped to start this one off.  He'd later pick up the third goal, bringing Canada within one with less than three minutes remaining, but it wouldn't be enough.  As Canada pulled Brodeur in favor of the extra attacker, Ryan Kessler chased down a clear into the Canadian zone and somehow, with a one-hand poke of sorts, managed to seal the deal and close this one out for good.

What more can be said?  Team USA played one hell of a game.  I'm sure Hooks will have something to add as well, so keep an eye out for his installment in the not too distant future.

Until then, feel free to chat it up in the comments.