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Women's Hockey: US and Canada go for gold

Not much has been said about women's hockey but that doesn't make it any less entertaining.  Fact is, the competition in the women's bracket is somewhat one sided.  Or maybe I should say two sided, given the two strong teams competing.  At any rate, while Team Russia surprised many last night by not advancing to the gold medal game, tonight's USA and Canada women's gold medal game is something that could've been predicted from the first day of the olympics.  These two teams are so good that the thought of just having a best of seven series right out of the gate was an amusing, hypothetical and unfortunately impossible option. 

How good are these teams?  Check it out after the jump.


2/13 18-3 Slovakia
2/15 10-1 Switzerland
2/17 13-1 Sweden
2/22 5-0 Finland



2/14 12-1 China
2/18 16-0 Finland
2/22 9-1 Sweden

That's 46 goals for Canada, 50 for team USA, all over the span of four games.  Clearly the competition has been overmatched.

This is the gold medal game USA and Canada have been waiting for in the women's ice hockey competition.  Sweden and Finland will duke it out for bronze, but the better game is no doubt going down tonight at 6:30.  Check it out if you can.