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Sidney Crosby saves Canada, USA takes home silver

Coming from a Team America supporter, I guess if anyone had to place the final nail in the coffin it might as well be Sidney Crosby.  For once I, and any other USA supporter, gets to feel the wrath of El Sid and witness once again just what amazing things this guy is capable of.

As infamous and fictitious stock car racer Ricky Bobby once said, "If you ain't first, you're last."  But Team USA's silver medal is nothing to shrug off either.  No one, casual fans, experts and pundits alike, expected the US to advance this far into the medal rounds.  It almost seemed like a Canada-Russia match was waiting in the gold medal round before the olympics even started.  But this team hushed a lot of cynics and put up a really incredible effort.  All in all you have to applaud both teams for a tremendously entertaining game.

Just when you think a game is out of reach and the olympic run is over, Zach Parise comes out of nowhere in the dying minute of the 2010 Games and sends one home to force overtime.  That moment alone - jumping up from my friend's couch, jabbing him in the gut and screaming, "America, F yeah!" was enough for me to remember and carry over for another four years.

Thus wraps up a highly entertaining and fairly exciting Olympic run.  A precursor to the playoffs?  Perhaps.  I definitely didn't expect teams to go at one another as hard as they did.  Granted I wasn't expecting an all-star like atmosphere, but I guess some of these guys are willing to do anything for their country, even if it means potentially missing time when the NHL season continues.

Speaking of, regular season play resumes Tuesday night against none other than Ryan Miller's Buffalo Sabres.  Hopefully he got that good play out of his system and returns to his regular season form.  At least that which he seems to display against the Penguins.