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Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals [The Haiti Relief Thread]

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Hey friends, it's FrankD. Hooks, OlenWhitaker and I have been talking about ideas to raise money in a game thread for the relief fund in Haiti for the past two weeks. Obviously we wanted the game to be on national TV in an effort to get the most comments/readers for the game. Over the past two weekends Hooks or I have been a bit hit or miss with a presence in the threads due to some preexisting plans that took us away from the live broadcasts. Plus, Winging it in Motown had their thread last week, so we were obviously looking to steer comments and attention that way. Thankfully, we both can be on hand for today's Caps/Pens game.

So in an effort to raise money, we tossed around a few ideas. Again, there is absolutely no pressure to go through with this. A lot of people are strapped for cash in this economy. Trust me, I know. If I hadn't landed some decent work over the past month or so I doubt I would've been able to donate. All we ask is that if you have a political reason behind not doing it, you keep it to yourself. The goal is to not make this a soap box for your political views. That's not what this is for at all.

I don't want any money sent to me. I trust your good will to carry through with your word, and so I give you the American Red Cross donation page. There is a minimum donation of $10, but of course you're welcome to give more.

Here are a few ideas we threw around:

  • "Saving" Haiti : You can donate 10 cents for each save a Penguins goaltender makes from now through the start of the Olympic break. It should (hopefully) come out to about $3 per game. I'll likely round up, not down, to the nearest dollar anyway. (This is the one I'm doing)

  • Scorers in pennies: We did something like this during the playoffs last season. Every time a Pens player scores, take his jersey number in pennies and add it up. Carry this through to the start of the Olympic break and there's a good chance you can make the minimum donation (It helps that Geno and Sid both have high jersey numbers). Again, round up if necessary.

  • OlenWhitaker is posting .05 per comment up to 2000. Feel free to check out his post and jump on board with that approach as well.

  • $1 for each goal a Penguins scorer puts up from now until the start of the break

  • $1 for each goal the Pens give up between now and the start of the break (This is something I thought other team blogs might be interested in)

  • And, obviously, a straight donation.

Thanks for reading and considering. Enjoy the game.