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(re)Welcome JustinM to the Pensburgh family


JustinM browsing through the 1998 sports almanac

You've seen him comment during open threads.  You've seen his illustrious work in the fanposts section.  Now, from hereon in, you will also see JustinM's work on the front page of 

In an effort to keep expanding our game stories and diversify content a bit, Hooks, Lavender, Dunman and myself would like to welcome Justin to the Pensburgh writing staff.

So that makes one manager, two editors and two authors.  Not bad for a little site that started up on blogspot three years ago as an experiement of sorts.  If each of them checks out the site daily (which they surely do many times over) then that's already four times more traffic than I received on my blogspot site.

Now, if you'd be so kind, use the comments section to bombard Justin with endless praise.