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Gameday update: Evgeni Malkin to miss tonight's game vs NJD

From the team:

"[Evgeni Malkin] was not able to get on the ice today.  He was trying to skate and get on the ice and deal with it," [Dan] Bylsma said. "Hopefully tomorrow he will be in (the lineup)."

We'll see more as this develops into our game preview.  The Penguins tough sledding against the New Jersey Devils has just gotten a little tougher.

Also it looks like Alex Goligoski's back in the lineup, at the expense of veteran Jay McKee.

For the Devils, defenseman Paul Martin will be playing his first game since all the way back on October 24th, when Pittsburgh's Bill Guerin broke Martin's arm with a normal looking slapshot.  Martin blocked the puck and has been out almost six months.