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Will Matt Cooke be asked to answer the bell?

The NHL front offices may have passed on punishing Matt Cooke for his hit on Marc Savard two Sundays ago, but that doesn't mean the Boston Bruins will do the same. In the span of two weeks we've watched a ton of big names involved in questionable hits and injuries. Marc Savard's season is likely over thanks to Matt Cooke, Alex Ovechkin ended Brian Campbell's season, Steve Downie made an obvious attempt to injure Sidney Crosby (and failed) and just last night we saw Alex Goligoski involved in a near devestating crash into the boards due to a check from behind.

But this post isn't about the hits or the injuries as much as it is about retribution. With that said, do you think the Boston Bruins will send someone out to send a message to Matt Cooke? If you take the splash page on the official Boston site literally, then yes -- even if it is in reference to season tickets for 2010-11.

Mark Stuart. Zdeno Chara. Shawn Thornton. All three are prime candidates as Cooke's dancing partner tonight.

Does Cookie drop the mitts tonight?