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Up next: Dion Phaneuf, JS Giguere and the Toronto Maple Leafs

[Toronto Maple Leafs blog - Pension Plan Puppets]

Record: 28-35-12 (15th in the East)

Scorers: Phil Kessel (29g, 23a), Tomas Kaberle 7g, 42a), Nikolai Kulemin (16g, 19a)

Records mean nothing.  Standings mean nothing.  That's the way the Pens have to think tonight.  I almost feel like if they think differently, as in acknowledging Toronto's 28-35-12 record and 15 seed in the East, it will surely end in disaster.  That's my thinking at least, and I'm sticking to it.

But let's look at some of the little things that could certainly help.  The things Pittsburgh should probably focus in on a bit more.  Already swaying in the direction of Pittsburgh's advantage is JS Giguere in net for the Leafs.  This is more a credit to Jonas Gustavsson's streak of seven straight wins than it is a discredit to Giguere.  But even still, if I had to pick which goaltender I'd want to see the Pens go up against today, it would be Giguere.

If there is one record I'd like to see the Pens focus on it's the season series.  Pittsburgh has the slight edge in the four-game series, holding a 2-1 lead before tonight's game.  The Leafs have been known to battle the Pens pretty hard over the years, so I take nothing for granted.  Again, records mean nothing.  They are not unique snowflakes.  (Movie reference anyone?)

LeftWingLock has Marc-Andre Fleury listed as Pittsburgh's starter again for tonight.  Given the fact that Brent Johnson is likely still sick, I'd say there's a solid chance we'll see MAF doing what he does for the second straight night.  Flukey, soft goal not withstanding, I think he put in a solid effort yesterday against the Flyers and can hopefully continue to improve on his already impressive career record for the month of March.

And for the record, because I know I'll regret not mentioning it later if it comes back to burn the Pens, make sure you keep an eye on Luca Caputi.  Just because...

Puck and thread drop at 5pm.  Come on by.