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Up next: The New York Islanders

[SBN Islanders blog - Lighthouse Hockey]

Record: Not good enough

Scorers: Who cares

The Devils won last night and the Penguins, as I'm sure you know by now, lost in a riveting 1-0 game (sarcasm).  They can't win the division.  They can't win the conference.  They can't improve in the standings either since 1-2-3 is reserved for division leaders.  No team is close enough to take fourth place from them either. 

In other words, this is basically a game for the sake of a game.  The rules are simple: Don't get hurt. 

The end.

Oh yeah, and if Sid hopes to win the Rocket Richard Trophy he's going to need at least two goals to take the lead over Ovechkin and Stamkos, who each have 50.  Crosby's 49 is nothing to shy at either, but man - how about 50?  Besides, Washington and Tampa each have a game remaining on the schedule as well.  Anything is possible for any of those names.

There is of course a chance Dan Bylsma may sit a bunch of his starters today with hopes of keeping them healthy and maybe get a little rest in before the playoffs kick off. 

How's that Ovechkin empty netter against the Pens looking now?

Puck and thread at 5:00.