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Pensburgh playoff predictions

OK, here's the deal.  As we go round by round we'll put up playoff predictions.  Enter yours in the comments and I'll track (and post) everyone's records.  Winner gets a to-be-named prize and the respect of everyone.  You must obviously post our comments to this thread by 7:00 tomorrow, when the first games begin.

Behind the jump, away we go.

1) Washington v. 8) Montreal

--I see Washington making quick work of Montreal.  Sure it'd be great to watch Jose Theodore fall apart in Montreal or see Jaroslav Halak stand on his head and make things interesting, but the teams are just a little too mis-matched for the Habs to give too much trouble to the Caps.  Caps in 5!

2) New Jersey v. 7) Philadelphia

--A lot of folks think this might be a long series, and take nothing away from Philly's forwards and offense but I don't see it that way.  Couple New Jersey's defense with Martin Brodeur and I think NJ wins, maybe not with ease, but at least quickly.  Devils in 5!

3) Buffalo v. 6) Boston

--Boston and Buffalo have similiar records post-Olympics.  Call me crazy, but I smell an upset.  Tuukka Rask has been playing almost as well as Ryan Miller and if Boston can hang tough, they may just do it.  That's what I'm going to call, anyways.  Bruins in 7!

4) Pittsburgh v. 5) Ottawa

--The main event (for us anyways).  I see Pittsburgh out-gunning Ottawa, and though I'm calling for a quick series, it won't be an easy one.  Penguins in 5!


1) San Jose v. 8) Colorado

--This has to be the year San Jose gets over the hump right?  Haha, hump.  Sharks in 6!

2) Chicago v. 7) Nashville

--Chicago's got everything but the goalie. This might be a mistake, but I'll take them this round, even though I was I was bold enough to call upset. Blackhawks in 6!

3) Vancouver v. 6) Los Angeles

--I like Vancouver to go on a run here, and LA has a lot of young players getting their first taste of the playoffs that may make for a quick trip. Canucks in 5!

4) Phoenix v. 5) Detroit

--Is this even calling an upset?  Sorry, Coyotes, but please do throw the snake! Red Wings in 5!

OK, yours in the comments.  Good luck, everyone.