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Pickin the winner - kinda

Before last night's game I asked for everyone to make a pick on the score and the first Pens goal scorer.  Unfortunately, as indicated by he outcome of last night's game, only one person, Ahtrap, was right in picking the Senators (and even he's a Wings fan so, whatevs heh).  He elected the Sens would win 3-2, it was 5-4, but he still picked the winner so maybe kinda sorta that's worth something.

As for the first goal scorer, Hooks, Genomachine-o and Diomedes were the only ones to select Malkin.

Awarding one point for each correct answer, we now have a three-way tie for first.  In the event of a tie breaker, most correctly picked scorers will prevail over winners.  After all, it's harder to do.

Name Winner Scorer Pts
Hooks 0 1 1
Diomedes 0 1 1
Genomachine-0 0 1
1 0 1

Come on friends, we can do much better than this.

Oh and even though Ahtrap did select Craig Adams as his goal scorer, I award him no points even though Adams scored.  And may God have mercy on his soul.

FYI - in the event anyone picks the winner AND the exact score, it's good for two point.  But if you pick the loser and the right score, nada.