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Penguins vs. Senators, Round 1, Game 3

[Sens blog - Silver Seven Sens]

Sens took the first one on the road in Pittsburgh.  Time for the Pens to take the first one on the road in Ottawa. 

Minus the first goal of the game, did Marc-Andre Fleury look good the other night or what?  I'll admit it was a really bad goal to give up, and I'm sure no one in Pittsburgh would argue with that.  But did Pens fans really have to mock a cheer for his next save?  Devils fans did the same thing the other night with Brodeur in net.  Actually, they booed him, but you get the point.  Pens fans are better than that.

In case you missed it, the Pens called up Ben Lovejoy yesterday afternoon.  It's safe to assume at this point that Leopold is a no-go for tonight, but I'm open to hearing otherwise.  If Lovejoy does take his place, then most likely the Pens will carry six defensemen again tonight.  Does this mean Fedotenko sits out again?  Hmmm

The contest of somethingness continues on. If you'd be so kind, to allow for easier tallying at the end of the game, could you please follow this format in the comments?

Format: Winning team name - Score - First Pens goal scorer's last name

Give me the first Penguins goal scorer
Give me the final score (include which team will win)

Example: Penguins - 7-2 - Lemieux

I hate to make formalities out of this, but it would make it a lot easier to count up after the game if I can just CTRL+F a name, score and team.  Especially when you consider the fact that there are over 40+ people in the standings now (awesome).  I'll likely count it up either way, but if you could lend a lil hand I'd appreciate it.

Enough of that.

If you haven't read PensAreYourDaddy's post yet, do it. 
If you haven't stocked up on beer yet, get it.
If you haven't showered either.

Puck and thread drop at 6:30.