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Off-day thoughts

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Bouncing around on the off day...

  • Early Stanley Cup playoffs have been nuts, but what series has been the craziest?  The Sharks fidning new ways to lose playoff games?  The Capitals long predicted goalie/defense issues giving them problems?  Philly holding a 2-1 lead against New Jersey?  That no one gave Phoenix a chance against Detroit but they are very much handling their business there too, just as they have been all season long? 
  • So many storylines, so surprising.  Especially when most observers saw a relatively predictable and peaceful first round with not too many bumps in the road.  That's the beauty of hockey.
  • Pittsburgh's injuries/illnesses really did a number on Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.  The Pens had to cherry-pick WB/S's top goalie and defensemen in Brad Thiessen and Ben Lovejoy, neither of whom played in the NHL.  The Baby Pens have lost three really close games and are down 0-3 to Albany.
  • With Jordan Leopold (who has a concussion history) out for the forseeable future, the Penguins are going to have to play Jay McKee more than the 13:28 they did last night.  They can only lean on the Sergei Gonchar/Brooks Orpik pairing but so much, especially as the games go on.
  • Think we'll ever see Ruslan Fedotenko again?  Better question: have you even noticed Ruslan Fedotenko was not in the lineup these past two games?!
  • April 28th, 2004.  That was the last time Alexei Ponikarovsky scored a goal in the NHL playoffs.  Of course, before last week 5/4/04 was the last game he had in the playoffs before last week, so maybe it's a little easier to understand why it's taking the UPT a little longer to make an impact in the second season.
  • How's this for following the script: the Pens are now 22-5 all-time at home in Game 2 of a playoff series.  And by virtue of last night's win they're 18-8 all-time in Game 3 on the road.  From here there hasn't been as much historical dominance, Pittsburgh's just 12-12 on the road of Game 4's.
  • Kris Letang has as many career playoff goals (5) as Sergei Gonchar does as a Pittsburgh Penguin.  Just sayin.