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Penguins vs. Senators, Round 1, Game 5

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[SBN Senators blog - Silver Seven Sens]

I've yet to see a positive update on Tyler Kennedy's status, outside of the already mentioned status of "day-to-day," so I'm comfortable assuming that Ruslan Fedotenko may get some ice time tonight if TK is a no go.  Hopefully as we edge closer to the puck drop we'll get a little more information in that regard.  For the time being, you may want to tread carefully on picking them for the Pensburgh Pick 'Em contest.

Speaking of, let's get that out of the way now:

Format: Winning team name - Score - First Pens goal scorer's last name

Give me the first Penguins goal scorer
Give me the final score (include which team will win)

Example: Penguins - 7-2 - Lemieux

The Pens know what they have to do tonight.  It's not rocket science.  Ottawa is playing for their playoff lives and you have to assume they will not go down without a fight.  Whether they choose to fight that battle with red lights or fists is up to them, but I'm sure Pittsburgh will come prepared for anything.  A solid game on both sides of the puck will put the nail in the coffin for the Sens and allow the Penguins a few days to heal up from the wounds.

That's all I have this early in the morning.

More to come I suppose throughout the day with regards to injuries and lineups.