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Game 6 Recap: Cookie Monster, Pascal say see ya next year Sens....Pens WIN

Penguins vs Senators coveragePenguins vs Senators recap- Penguins vs Senators boxscore - Penguins vs Senators boxscore 

Down by the score of 3-0 in a playoff game, a lot of teams would be in trouble.  Especially on the road.  But a lot of teams aren't defending Stanley Cup champions.  You want a killer instinct?  See the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So the Ottawa Senators have plenty of time to go to Carrie Underwood or Hilary Duff of Kelly Clarkson or whoever's concerts. Or golf.  Or rest.  Or whatever.  Because the Ottawa Senators sure don't have to play a meaningful game for the next six months.  Charlie still loves you. 

  • Matt Cooke, at his worst, is a cheap shot artist that aims for a guy's head, feels no remorse and follows through.  At his best, Matt Cooke is a solid hockey player, who will never be confused for Sidney Crosby, but will still charge the net, give an honest effort -- and occasionally, score a couple goals.
  • Speaking of Sid, he had 0 points and was a -2 so you'd think he had a bad game.  If so, you also didn't watch the game.
  • Say what you will about Chris Kunitz (-3 but with 6 shots and 6 hits) but he isn't right.  His "upper body injury" isn't healed, and even though he's giving everything he's got, it's clear to see it's not his 100%.  Perhaps the rest will do him well. 
  • Since playoffs 2008 Marc-Andre Fleury has won 8 playoff series (and counting).  No active starting playoff goalie right now has won more than 1 series, as of the press time.  Say what you will about Fleury -- but he does what it takes to win.  Much more than his contemporaries.  And he's 8 times as better when it counts.
  • Staal two assists, +2.  Good news.  Loses 65 percent of his 17 faceoffs.  Bad news.  Only credited with 2 hits (weak statistician).
  • Evgeni Malkin needs to get it together.  It still doesn't look like he's comfortable with Alexei Ponikarovsky.  Geno knows where Maxime Talbot is going to go (and where he can play the puck) but Malkin doesn't look comfortable at even strength.  The linemates need to come through.
  • What can you say about Pascal Dupuis: plug him on on the 3rd line and he busts his ass; ask him to kill penalties and he'll block shots and passes, get him on the forecheck and he'll finish his hits.  Have J-Staal shuffle the puck to him from a bad angle and he just might smack it in OT.  He grows a nice beard too, and the ladies really like his eyelashes (look at them).  Good work #9.

Shake some hands (all of them, don't cry and leave early - you Detroit Red Wings bitches).  The Penguins win.  You knew it and they proved it: superior talent from Crsoby, Malkin, Staal and Fleury and tough enough bitches from top to bottom that the Sens can't win.  They gave it their all, and it went six games, but their never was any doubt.  Penguins, champions.  You bitches ,just a speed-bump on the way to glory.  Suck it, Spezza.

Also: Chris Neil still sucks.