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Rest Update: Leopold and Kennedy skate

By now you've probably seen the scenarios: the Penguins can play any number of teams that are still alive in the second line --except the Washington Capitals -- but that all depends on how the Wash/Montreal and Boston/Buffalo series shake out.

While those teams have to keep fighting it out, Pittsburgh gets the rare chance this time of year to take a break, re-catch breath and heal up the countless bumps and bruises the players acquire in a series.

Results of that are trickling in as Jordan Leopold (head) and Tyler Kennedy (leg) skated today.  Both have been out for a while, with unknown timetables.  And while skating doesn't necessarily mean an imminent return to the lineup, it's nice to see some tangible progression.  Which is especially good for Leopold's case, since head injuries can often time lead to an awfully long layoff.

Regardless of who you want to see win the other series, it sure would be nice if Montreal and Buffalo can push their respective series' to a 7th game.  It'll give Pittsburgh a few more days to rest and recover but also take that much more out of whichever team the Pens line up against next round.