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Boys will be boys


If you're an athlete of any sort and your weekend is recapped on Deadspin, chances are you haven't had a good one.  From the boys will be boys file:

Saturday, after a rousing night out at Applebee's (yup), a group of BC freshmen piled in to a Jeep to head back to campus. Perhaps missing their street, they pulled a U-turn on Commonwealth Avenue — right in front of an oncoming Green Line trolley.

There were eight of them in the Jeep, showing that phone booth stuffing could be coming back into vogue on college campuses. Among them, goalie Parker Milner and defensemen Philip Samuelsson and Patrick Wey. The group was seen throwing bottles of beer and vodka from the vehicle, so seven of them have been charged with underage possession of alcohol. All of them except the driver, actually. Designated drivers, always a good decision!

Other reports said that the alchol was thrown to avoid being caught with it (which makes sense, but didn't pay off, obviously).

Philip Samuelsson is a Penguins draft pick and famously the son of former Pen-fan favorite defenseman Ulf Samuelsson.  Patrick Wey was drafted by the Washington Capitals and is a native of Pittsburgh.

All in all, it's probably no big deal: we all know college kids drink, at least they had the sense to use a sober driver.  In the big scheme of things this will probably all blow over and be a mostly forgotten incident (like this one).  Boys will be boys, let's just keep it smart, keep it safe and everything will be alright.