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Chris Kunitz misses practice, Eric Tangradi called up to Pittsburgh?

From the team:

Penguins forward Chris Kunitz is absent from his team's Tuesday practice at Mellon Arena. Winger Ruslan Fedotenko took his normal duties alongside Sidney Crosby and Bill Guerin.

Kunitz has had a strong postseason two goals and six points in six games against Ottawa in the opening-round series.

"He's dealing with the effects of a physical series," head coach Dan Bylsma said. "He's day-to-day."

Though Kunitz played every game of the Ottawa series, and generally played well, you'll remember he was suffering from an arm/shoulder injury that kept him out of the last handful of regular season games.  And even though Kunitz was good against Ottawa, to this eye it seemed like he was limited physically and not quite 100%.

Darren Dreger from TSN reported on Twitter that a potential Boston/Pittsburgh series would open on Friday night.  (This assumes Washington wins their Game 7 vs Montreal).  Dreger also said a Boston/Philadelphia series (meaning Montreal moves on to play Pittsburgh) would start in Boston on Saturday night...

Reading between the lines -- at the risk of being wrong -- I'm guessing Game 1 of a potential Pittsburgh/Montreal would start on either Friday night still, or possibly Sunday afternoon on NBC, since the NHL doesn't like to schedule both conference games on the same day, if they can help it.  This gives Kunitz  little more time to rest, recover and hopefully not miss any game-time.

Also from the Twitter machine, Penguins prospect Eric Tangradi has announced that he's "Headed to the burgh...".  There's been no official word from the team, yet, but it's pretty safe to say he's coming to Pittsburgh to join the Penguins, if only for being a part of the black ace practice squad.

It'll get really interesting if Kunitz's injury forces him to miss games: would the Pens really play a green Tangradi over a tried-and-true playoff warrior in Fedotenko?  Stay tuned..