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Carl Sneep leading BC

A little bit of a lazy morning here at Pensburgh, so why not check this article out about Boston College. Carl Sneep, of course, figures to join the Penguins organization when this season is over. He was actually Ray Shero's 2nd ever draft pick (and he's only 372 meaningful games played behind the guy picked first by the Pens).

BC also has more Pittsburgh connections: Philip Samuelsson (a Pittsburgh draft pick and son of Pens legend Ulf) and Pittsburgh native Patrick Wey (drafted by the Washington Capitals last summer) are freshmen on the team that Sneep is helping to lead.

In his first three seasons at Boston College, Carl Sneep played the role of sponge. He soaked up the wisdom and positive energy of coach Jerry York, he admired the fire-and-brimstone approach of former captain Mike Brennan, and he followed the leadership of teammates such as fellow senior Matt Price.

York saw the steady development of Sneep, who was a second-round pick (No. 32 overall) of the Penguins in the 2006 NHL draft, and regarded his reserved personality as part of a lead-by-example style. That changed dramatically last fall when Sneep, the lone senior on defense, began mentoring incom ing freshman prospects Philip Samuelsson, Brian Dumoulin, Patrick Wey, and Patch Alber. York witnessed a transformation from student to teacher.


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