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Tales of the Tape: Mike Rupp vs. Trevor Gillies

Hey, remember how awesome that fight with Bill Guerin was? This is nothing like that.

Mike Rupp took a hit from Trevor Gilliesand decided that them's fightin' actions, but unfortunately, didn't really decide to do much actual fighting. A few misses were thrown by Rupp before he was taken down with a solid shot. Loss.

Not the kind of fight you really want to see from your team, so I'll try to help remove some of the pain by offering a distraction to stare at:

You're welcome.

Next up are the Thrashers, but don't expect to see fighting. Atlanta only has 38 fights this season (last season they had 53). In comparison, the Penguins are at 44, which is 5 more than they had last season (without Eric Godard for a sizable chunk, too).