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Penguins vs. Canadiens, Round 2, Game 2

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Well the latest news out of Penguins camp surrounding Jordan Staal's injury isn't exactly ideal as they head into tonight's game.  However, the bright side of it all remains embedded in the fact that no one is saying his season is done.  Now it all depends on how far the Penguins can take the playoff run this postseason without Staal for the remainder of this, and possibly even the next series, should it go that far.

If last game was any indication of the team's future, than you have to confidently suspect they will skate into Montreal Tuesday night with a 2-0 series lead.  Whether or not that comes to fruition or not will depend on Pittsburgh's ridiculously good power play (yes, I said it) making a similar effort tonight.  I'd say repeat effort, but expecting a PP to go 3-for-3 in two consecutive games seems a bit unrealistic.  I'll gladly accept any and all surprises though.

The Penguins did in one game what the Capitals couldn't do more than once in seven.  They cracked Halak while up on the man advantage three times.  Washington, over seven games, managed to score only once while up a man.

Does this mean the series is a done deal for Pittsburgh?  Hell no.  Montreal didn't surpass a powerhouse like Washington without putting up a fight.  Not to mention, Montreal's "never say die" approach to the playoffs this year is a frightening motivator.  Confidence is key, but hopefully the Pens don't fall into a trap because of it.

On to the contest:

Format: Winning team name - Score - First Pens goal scorer's last name

Give me the first Penguins goal scorer
Give me the final score (include which team will win)

Example: Penguins - 7-2 - Lemieux