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Alone At the Top

"Best player in the world? Yeah."  -- Montreal defenseman Josh Gorges, before the current series began

Michael Farber wrote an article for the Wednesday, May 5 issue of Sports Illustrated, titled "Alone At the Top", detailing the evolution of Sidney Crosby.  I just got a chance to check it out, and, while short, it's a good read.  Apparently he, Jay McKee, Jordan Staal, and Maxime Talbot took in a round of mini-golf the day after the Capitals lost the series to the Canadiens.

I'll leave it up to your imagination who won.

(Okay, no I wont; it was Sid.)

Another quick quote to whet your appetite:

After the behind-the-net romp with Spezza, Penguins general manager Ray Shero asked Lemieux, the team’s co-owner, "You ever do that with your feet?"

Lemieux replied, "Are you kidding me? With my hips? Nowhere close."