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Penguins vs. Red Wings Repeat Looks Highly Unlikely

Remember that Pens-Wings rubber match everyone talked about and/or dreaded for the 2010 Finals?  Well, San Jose may have finally put the nail in that coffin. 

I know a good number of us were chatting it up with regards to the Wings/Sharks game in last night's thread a bit after the Pens and Habs wrapped things up.  But for those who didn't see it, well, you missed a crazy game.

Detroit entered the third period up 3-1 over the Sharks.  Jimmy Howard, who has no doubt been a bit shaky since the Wings entered the second round, would ultimately take an 'L' before all was said and done.  San Jose managed to tie it up on goals from Joe Thornton and Logan Couture (he had five over 25 games during the regular season).  Then, in OT, San Jose took a two-on-one all the way home as Patrick Marleau buried the winner.

I know in the world of sports you really can't rule out the impossible.  But this playoff run has been odd on so many levels, as indicated by the division winners in the East getting buried before the end of the first round in addition to a series of fluky goals, hot goaltenders and ridiculous overtime nailbiters.  So while San Jose may appear to have this one in hand, nothing's over till that fourth win.  Even if the Sharks are allegedly cursed.

But now I can say something like, "in all likeliness."  Something nice and vague so I don't over commit to some statement that I can attempt to take back at a later time (journalists do this all the time).

So, in all likeliness the Wings are done.  In all likeliness the Sharks will move on to the next round.  In all likeliness the Pens and Red Wings will not meet in the Finals.  And in all likeliness, following the potential elimination of the Wings, every fan in the league will start rooting against the Pens to do the same.

Let's see the Pens stick it to em.