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Chris Pronger may be a jerk in our eyes, but he's still funny

Wyshynski put together a pretty funny post over on Puck Daddy the other day that focused on Chris Pronger and some of his on-ice "antics," if you want to use that word.  Mind you this isn't the sort of antics that get a player in trouble per se, but just the sort of thing that really confirms to those who didn't already know that yes, you really are that kind of jerk.

But damn, if it isn't funny.

Ex-Flyer Ben Eager(notes), who scored the game-winning goal for the Blackhawks in Game 2, engaged Pronger as they left the ice. What did Eager say to him? "Nothing, really.  Just a little postgame chat," said Eager. "He's been picking the pucks up after the game, and I just told him he can keep it."

Puck Daddy

Picking pucks up you say? 


To be completely honest, this is exactly the sort of douchey thing I'd envision myself doing if I were a professional hockey player.

I know we all chatted about Pronger a bit earlier this week and how he's easily one of the best players on the ice for the Flyers this series.  I think this is just another example of his veteran presence, weird as it may sound.  I mean, the guy's basically making a joke out of losing, and I'm sure in the face of defeat it at least gets a few chuckles from the guys in the locker room. 

But for all the pucks Pronger takes after the game, if Chicago takes the Cup in the end then they sure get the last laugh.