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Grading Ray Shero

As you've already seen by now, the staff here has done season reviews for each of the players who played with the Pens in 2010.  We collectively held off on the front office guys because, while some of the trade deadline moves may have been worthy of consideration, a lot of the offseason stuff often gets lost during the offseason.  So in that respect, we felt waiting for the first few weeks of free agency to go by would be the best way to gauge GM Ray Shero's 2010 grade. 

Now you can argue that his 2010 offseason moves directly impact the following season, which is undoubtedly true, but with the recent moves still fresh in our minds, it would probably serve best if we hit it now and treated it sort of like a package deal.

There's a slightly different format to this one than the player season grades.  GoPens!, Hooks, Justin and myself want to see your questions.  Then, in a sort of roundtable discussion, we'll hit up a few and take the discussion straight to the comments section.

Sound good?

So, ask away.  What's are your biggest questions or concerns regarding Ray Shero that you'd like to see addressed/discussed?