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Which jersey will be the Penguins' third in 2010-2011?

Just as there are communities among hockey fans dedicated to things like statistical analysis, conjuring up ridiculous trades, or questioning which player is the hottest on his team, there's a contingent among fans who pay extremely close attention to changes in uniforms. No shoulder patch or sock stripe goes unnoticed for these folks.

There had been speculation among those uni fanatics and confirmed by Reebok that the Penguins were going to ditch their powder blue thirds for the upcoming season. Rob Rossi said in a chat last December:

ROB ROSSI: By the way, Pens donning the baby blues tonight. Best uniforms in team history, IMO; they will scrap them for next season, but I'm told the new alternates will have some blue coming back.

JOY_RUSSO: That's a travesty. Those power blues are great.

This led to speculation that the Pens might to to something like their 1975-1976 uniform for their third set.

Now, however, since the Winter Classic announcement, things appear to have chanced. According to House O Hockey, via Icethetics:

Breaking News! The NHL Pittsburgh Penguins have decided not change their 3rd Jersey for the 2010/2011 season but will wear the light Blue 3rd Jersey (Columbia blue) again for another season.

So what's this mean? Does this retailer have insider information that Reebok hasn't even announced? Is this because of the Winter Classic? Could the third uniform stay the same as it was the past several seasons and the Penguins wear something different altogether for the Winter Classic?

What do you say?