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Penguins Prospect Camp: July 12 - 17

There is often a lot of talk about how the NHL and NBA are similar off the court/ice.  Both have 82-game seasons, best-of-seven series, are in-season right around the same time and have a league of 30 teams.  I'm sure you could find more comparisons, but that's just a little idea of what I'm getting at here.

One more thing the NHL and/or teams should consider "borrowing" from the NBA is the idea of broadcasting prospect camps.  The NBA has a Summer League, with games going on right now, available for free online via a broadband connection.  Most are guys who play in the Development League looking to make an impression, but others include guys who were recently drafted or bench guys looking to stay conditioned or hoping to improve for the following year.

I guess I started thinking about this recently when I saw that the Pens are holding Prospect Camp between July 12 and 17.  Eric Tangradi, Simon Despres and other 2009 Draft picks Ben Hanowski and Andy Bathgate will be on hand for the event.  It would be pretty sweet if you could load up a video player at, at home, to watch these guys skate around and mix it up a bit.  I'm not asking for play-by-play commentary or even any over-the-top production work.  Just maybe a small production camera job with a few mixed angles of play.  That'd be pretty cool.  Right?