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Your Picks for Mount Pensmore

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We've touched on it a bit here, mainly because Kellyn brought up the subject a few weeks ago based on a recent post over on In Lou We Trust.  Well, I s'pose it's high time we get into the swing of things and start constructing our own Mount Pensmore.

Remember, four picks and four picks only.  I was thinking about tossing up a poll, but I didn't think it'd be fair to pick only one with your vote.  So instead, let's see what four-Penguin combo we get in the comments and then I'll consider tossing the different combos into a poll.

Does that work?

If you're looking for inspiration or suggestions, the Trib-Review recently put together a few heads for the All-Time Penguins Team. Odds are you'll be using four from that list anyway, so it's worth a look.

Go crazy.