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Mt. Pensmore: Ron Francis Takes No. 4

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It took an overtime period to sort it out, but after much commentary, hearty debates and votes on the ol Pensburgh poll, Ron Francis emerges the victor in a head-to-head against Tom Barrasso for the fourth and final spot on Mt. Pensmore.

And so the Final Four is as follows:

1st - Mario Lemieux
2nd - Sidney Crosby
3rd - Jaromir Jagr
4th Ron Francis

Safe to say the first three panned out the way I thought they would, although admittedly I figured there was a good chance Sid and Jagr could have flipped spots.  But whatever the case, we said all along that the fourth and final spot would be the hardest one to predict.  The overtime poll pitted the Top 2 candidates for that spot, although in the initial Round 4 poll Mike Lange and Evgeni Malkin made a good run for it.

I come out of this offseason exercise of sorts with more questions than answers:

How much will change over the next few years?
What does Malkin have to do to be considered?
If we can agree Malkin is too fresh for consideration then how did Sid get the nod over him?
Did Rick Kehoe fall short if only because he was the lone bright spot on an otherwise dark period in franchise history?

Something to consider when we revisit Mt. Pensmore in 2015.  Or somewhere around there.