Update: Pensburgh in the Mario Mosaic

After a bit of back and forth with the Mario Mosaic admins, it is confirmed that Pensburgh will be represented.

I had a little trouble getting us in the Mosaic because a) they don't technically allow text in the submitted photos (which our logo has) and b) they don't allow solely logos or graphics to be submitted. That's why, eventually, I had to submit a photo of one of my cats curled up next to a photo of the Pensburgh logo. I hope everyone approves.

Along with the photo, the below information was submitted and will appear in the Mosaic search feature:

Name: Pensburgh - a blog for Pittsburgh Penguins fans

Photo caption: Pensburgh members proudly support Mario and appreciate all of the amazing things he has done as a player, owner and member of the community.

Favorite Mario Moment: Pensburgh's favorite Mario Moment is his 5 goals, 5 ways game against the New Jersey Devils, December 31, 1988. <--- this was based on the poll that I did a few months ago.

Once the Mosaic is unveiled, I'll share the information on how to find our submission.

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