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Fan Igloo memorial not a good idea...

...It's a great one.  (Yeah that was cheap).

Anyways, we're late to the party here, so as you've probably seen elsewhere a Pens fan came up with the idea to etch the outline of the Mellon Arena in the glass of the new Consol Energy Center.  So when the famous dome is gone, we'll still have a way to look at it exactly where it would be from inside the new home of the Pens.

Puck Daddy and the Pensblog are all over this, and that's probably the two best internet places to start a hockey-based campaign.  Love him or hate him (and it's mostly the former for me), Mark Madden's on board with this idea too and has talked about it on his radio show, obviously some more great publicity.

Since it's 2010, we have a facebook movement too. Signing up to show your support would be cool, as would telling other fans.  The Pens are incredibly open and fan friendly, and they want this arena to be the best it can be.  I think they know that Pens fans generally love and have an attachment to the Igloo -- but keep in mind they had to work there and deal with the cramped offices, the rats, the outdated things in there and everything else.  So they probably don't know to what depths that some people feel about it -- even the ones who couldn't see the scoreboard or had to deal with the balcony overhangs obstructing views.

So we're on board 100% at Pensburgh with Matt's idea, wish him the best of luck and offer to do what little we can to help.  Sure hope the team at least considers it, would be a fitting and very special way to remember and hold onto a little piece of the Igloo and that's really what Pens fans want.