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Penguins vs. Red Wings Open Thread

Wings Blog: Winging it in Motown

I debated for a bit about whether or not I should toss up an open thread for the preseason since some of us may not have access to audio or video, but I'd rather have the option available for us to all chat it up rather than not.  Plus, this prevents tehchico or Alighieri from sending me hate mail and anonymous voice mails in creepy, Hannibal Lector-like tones.

With that said, I guess now is a chance for us to go through a little preseason action of our own. Stretch the legs and get a little practice in before the regular seasons kicks off.

As always you can listen to the game online with  Not sure about video feeds and whatnot, so you're on your own there.

Feel free to chat it up in the comments.  Hockey season is back...kinda-sorta for now.