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Dan Bylsma is Tired of It: No More Sidney Crosby Concussion Updates

Dan Bylsma announced recently that daily updates on Sidney Crosby's concussion will no longer be the topic of discussion during media scrums.  I'd imagine this mean Bylsma will be the one to issue updates whenever he sees fit, and frankly I can't blame the guy one bit.

"We are not going to give daily updates on Sidney Crosby.  He needs to be symptom-free to move forward."

Asked whether Crosby has had the tests, Bylsma repeated, "There will not be any daily updates on Sidney Crosby."

It has to be exhausting, not to mention distracting in a sense, to keep talking about this issue.  If you read Allie's latest piece on concussions and the testing involved, it doesn't look like much is going to change from one day to the next.  Weekly updates, or even twice-weekly updates, should suffice.

In the mean time, the Pens need to stay the course and keep on keepin on without Sid in the lineup.  Everyone knows it's not ideal at this point.  Everyone knows they'd love to have him back.  But the fact is, time is the only cure for a concussion and daily questions about his progress are not going to speed the process up. 

It'd be nice to see the masses focus more on Jordan Staal's return and his latest surge of points than Crosby's absence from the lineup.