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A new way to look at player efficiency

This is really part two of the Bargain Score post from yesterday.  However, this time, instead of looking at GVT versus cap hit, this time we're going to be looking at GVT versus time on ice.

Because GVT is a counting stat, not a rate stat, players with more time on ice get more opportunity to increase their GVT, much in the same way that a slugger who plays 150 games is more likely to hit lots of home runs than one who plays 20.

After the jump, I'll throw some data at you.

Like the Bargain Score metric from yesterday, I'm sure this is reinventing the wheel.  Essentially, what I'm doing could be called GVT/60 in the same vein as Points/60, that is, the amount of GVT generated by a player for every 60 minutes he's on the ice.

And again, much like yesterday, the unquestionable winner in this category is Dustin Jeffrey.  With a GVT of 1.4 and 68:30 in total TOI, he's been productive unlike any other Penguin so far this year.  Of course, because it's only 7 games we run into the same sample size problems as before.  So, let's take a look at the same group of players I looked at for Bargain Scores:

Penguin Player GVT/60

 Name			GVT	TOI in min	 GVT/60 
Sidney Crosby		17.0	   898.62	  1.135
Kris Letang		14.3	  1190.45	  0.721
Alex Goligoski		 8.6	  1031.33	  0.500
Matt Cooke		 5.3	   751.10	  0.423
Ben Lovejoy		 2.2	   328.05	  0.402
Pascal Dupuis		 5.1	   831.80	  0.368
Chris Kunitz		 5.0	   879.12	  0.341
Chris Conner		 2.2	   391.50	  0.337
Evgeni Malkin		 4.7	   846.42	  0.333
Tyler Kennedy		 3.1	   635.70	  0.293
Brooks Orpik		 4.0	   930.75	  0.258
Jordan Staal		 0.9	   216.77	  0.249
Paul Martin		 4.3	  1138.03	  0.227
Maxime Talbot		 2.4	   729.88	  0.197
Craig Adams		 1.7	   556.02	  0.183
Mark Letestu		 2.1	   697.82	  0.181
Arron Asham		 0.9	   341.95	  0.158
Deryk Engelland		 0.9	   480.35	  0.112
Zbynek Michalek		 0.6	   852.08	  0.042
Michael Rupp		 0.3	   477.82	  0.038
Eric Godard		 0.0	    64.98	  0.000
Mike Comrie		-0.3	   194.33	 -0.093

I believe this is definitely a better metric for player skill than the Bargain Score was, and it should even be a better metric for production than straight GVT.  If nothing else, I think it makes a decent case for giving Lovejoy increased minutes in Engelland's stead, unpopular though that opinion might be around these parts.  It might also be interesting to see if Cooke can handle more minutes than Dupuis for a chance as well.

In any case, might we all agree that a GVT/60 of more than 1 is ridiculous?