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Evgeni Malkin Out for Home Opener

Whatever ailment caused Evgeni Malkin to leave the game early the other night against Edmonton will keep him out of the lineup tonight when the Pens open at home against the Florida Panthers.

"It's just soreness," Bylmsa said. "We do not think it's anything other than being sore at this point in time."


There was a suggestion earlier this week from a few comments on the site that he may have taken a hard shot off the foot, although I haven't read anything that would back that up. Tough to see soreness being the issue this early on in the season - especially when you consider how well he's been playing - but if he needs the R&R now, best give it to him for the long-term investment.

Still nothing on the Sidney Crosby front, minus the notion that he will be re-evaluated at some point this week. Best case scenario the two-headed monster returns together.