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Brooks Orpik Back Tonight

Outside of a quick mention on the Penguins' practice day blog, this is all we know and all we need to know about the status of Brooks Orpik. Hopefully this also marks the start of a series of returns for ailing Penguins.

Orpik's return does more than just add a little aggression back into the Penguins' end. Hopefully it was also lend a hand in limiting shots against Pittsburgh. Currently the Pens are ranked 13th overall in Shot Against per game. Not exactly the worst spot (a far cry from Tampa's 37.2 for instance), but for a team that's missing some star power up front, limiting shots and hanging on to leads may be the MO at this point in the season. Orpik's presence should help in that department a bit.

So welcome back Orpik - may the boards be with you.

Pens vs. Habs tonight at 7pm ET. Game thread right here.