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Evgeni Malkin a Game-Time Decision

Evgeni Malkin has been listed as a game-time decision for tonight's game against the Islanders. This is all we know right now and all we're going to know until the puck drops. Apparently Dan Bylsma joked with reporters this morning that it was his secret to keep for six hours or so, but look on the bright side: if not tonight then at least sometime soon, right?

Malkin hasn't played since the game against Washington on Oct. 13. Although he's logged only three games worth of ice time, he's also posted four points (1 G, 3 A) in that span. Does a point streak still count if a guy comes back from an injury and picks up where he left off? I'll say yes, although I would say no if it applied to Joe Dimaggio's hit streak. I'm particular like that.

Pens vs. Islanders tonight at 7. Game thread to come soon.