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Stars Have Aligned for Jordan Staal Hat Trick

Welcome to November 11, 2011 - or if we're going with numeric form, 11-11-11. That alone is evidence to the stars aligning for what we can only hope is an awesome night, but when you combine that with the fact that Pittsburgh is playing the Dallas Stars...mind blown. I'd like to think this is the day in which Staal records another hat trick

I hereby declare this day  Jordan Staal Day, and hope he can cement this day in history with three goals tonight against Dallas. Of course, this might be hard to do, considering the Stars are currently eighth overall in least goals allowed per game (2.36). While we're on the topic, Pittsburgh is fourth with 2.13.

You can't exactly put it past Staal at this point in the season either. He has six goals and four assists over 13 games and hasn't gone more than one game without a point or more this season. He had one assist against the Kings, in a game that feels like it was two months ago considering the amount of time the team has had off this week.

The big picture of the week - or perhaps even the past 11 months, depending on how you look at it - has been centered on the potential return of Sidney Crosby. The good part is he's taking contact in practice. The better part is we seem to be closer than ever to seeing his ultimate return to the black and gold. The best part is, once he does return, we won't have to hear about this crap for a while. Hopefully.

Pens vs. Stars tonight at 7:00. Game's on the NHL Network in the US too, so make sure you check it out if ya got it.