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Kris Letang Pwns Montreal: Pens Win 4-3 in OT

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Few things in this world put a smile on my face faster than a pouting goaltender.  It shouldn't come as any surprise that I, along with a larger percentage of Penguins fans (I'm sure), was grinning ear to ear when a discouraged Carey Price slammed him stick against the cage after giving up Kris Letang's game winner in overtime. In a way it was scripted perfectly, especially when you consider the fact he was forced to leave the third period with a broken nose after Max Pacioretty delivered a questionable hit to the head/face. Not only did Letang spring a leak from his beak, but all signs of the collision indicated that we might not see him back for the remainder of the game. Lo and behold, No. 58 rejoined the Pens' bench after regulation and contributed what wound up being the nail in the coffin. This of course coming after receiving a pin in the nose as well.

Letang joked with reporters after the game that his shnoz isn't perfect yet, but he'll worry about that later in his career when he decides to be a model. Also have to give props to Pacioretty as well for offering his apologies to Letang on the ice during the game. You may remember an incident last season when a Canadiens players was sent into the divider  between the benches and the penalty box. That guy, who received a broken vertebrae and concussion, was none other than Pacioretty. Although the league may take a look at the incident, I think it's safe to say it wasn't intentional.

Shoutout and hearty congrats to James Neal as well, who tallied his 10th assist on the season and became the first Pens player to reach double digits in both goals and assists (13g, 10a). Also have to give a big pat on the back (well a verbal one at least) to Jordan Staal, who played a really strong game that almost missed making a mark on the scoresheet before tallying his 12th of the season in the third period to tie it up.

Consider this (and jump in with your input): Take off those black and gold glasses for a second. Look back to overtime when Price appeared to freeze the puck with his glove/pads. Should the refs have blown the whistle?

Either way, I really think Marc-Andre Fleury should've busted out his Carey-Price like pose from last season. Just for the fun of it.

Not the best of outings for the better part of the game but Pittsburgh did fight back and make it an exciting one. To find themselves in a position where they could finish with at least one point was credit enough to the team's ability to fight back, but escaping Montreal with an extra one made it all the better. Doing it in the first game of a four-game road trip is also a plug.

The Pens made Price work, launching 42 shots on goal and really keeping him on his toes. Once again though, it's proof that even all the shots in the world don't always equate to easy victories. But seeing them ranked third overall amongst teams in shots per game (33.9) is still a good thing in my book.

Up next: Rangers at MSG on Tuesday. Puck drops at 7:30.